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  • Chiropractic School Admission Requirements and DC vs MD Graduation Requirements
    From The Desk of Dr. Mike Tannenbaum, D.C. of Ann Arbor, Michigan Here are the college science courses required to have been completed by applicants to chiropractic schools in order for Read more
  • Proper Driving Posture
    My patients complain about it all the time and it is widely known that poor driving posture leads to back and neck pain. A report from the BBC October 10, Read more
  • The Brain and Chiropractic
    It's important to understand the basic functions of the brain as the brain is the organ that is responsible for the control and coordination of our bodies. The brain is Read more
  • Common Questions About Chiropractic and Their Answerd
    From The Desk of Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Dr.Mike Tannenbaum, D.C. Many people are unfamiliar with chiropractic and therefore ask me a lot of questions about it. Here are some of those Read more
  • What Is True Health?
    From The Office of Chiropractor, Mike Tannenbaum, D.C. What is true health and how does chiropractic play a part in it. True health is optimal physical, mental and social well being. Read more
  • Running, Injury Prevention
    From the office of Ann Arbor Chiropractor Mike Tannenbaum, D.C. Spring is upon us and that means more people are going begin running for exercise and fun! While running can improve Read more
  • B.J. Palmer's Principle 28
    From the desk of Ann Arbor Chiropractor Michael Tannenbaum, D.C. In today's blog post I will discuss another one of B.J. Palmer's 33 Principles. This principle talks about the idea that Read more
  • Food Diet
    People often ask me what would be a good food diet to follow. I often point them in the direction of a Mediterranean styled diet, but really it can be Read more
  • Strengthen Immune System Function
    Some Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System You should get 30 minuets of exercise a day. This has been shown to increase immunity while strengthening your body and helping excrete Read more
  • B.J. Palmer's Principle 20
    From the desk of Ann Arbor chiropractor Mike Tannenbaum, D.C. Today’s blog post will delve into another of B.J. Palmer's principles of chiropractic. Principle 20 A 'living thing' has an inborn intelligence Read more


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